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Web Developer Toolbar for FireFox & Mozilla

If there is one tool you must download to improve your HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding effectiveness, make it this one. If there's any reason you're holding back on getting FireFox, this extension will tip the balance.

Mozilla DOM Inspector

A must for serious JavaScript programmers. Gives you full insight into the current page's DOM (Document Object Model)—every bit of a page's elements/components is stored and accesed here. More info on using the DOM Inspector can be found here.

HTML Validator for FireFox

This tool quickly analyzes your pages' HTML source and reports any potential errors. When used with FireFox's JavaScript console this tool can save you hours when tracking down strange page display errors.



Great site that guides you through JavaScript development and the browser errata we love so dearly.

CSS Zen Garden

A beautiful example of the best way to style your pages using CSS.