Epoch Prime Features

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FeaturesEpoch 1.0.6 and belowEpoch 2.0 and aboveEpoch Prime
Fast Loading and Initialization✔✔✔
Supports all Major Browsers✔✔✔
100% Customizable Appearance✔✔✔
Flat Mode✔✔✔
Popup & DatePicker Mode✔✔✔
Multiple Languages✔✔✔
Locale-based Configurability✔✔✔
Multiple Date Selection/Multi-select✔✔✔
Week Numbers Option✔✔✔
Code Encapsulation✔✔
Holidays and Events ✔✔
Disabled Dates ✔✔
ToolTips ✔✔
Custom Date Links/URLs ✔✔
Custom Date HTML ✔✔
Submit Multiple Date Selections via HTML Forms ✔✔
Full XML Configuration and Setup ✔
Load and Remove Dates at any time with AJAX ✔
Save Calendar state via AJAX ✔
AJAX Initialization ✔