Epoch – The World's Most Advanced JavaScript Calendar

Upgrade your site users’ Experience

As the internet evolves, users are demanding more professional interfaces when entering their data online. The default web forms so prevalent on the internet have begun to show some cracks when it comes to delivering a rich user experience. At the same time, webmasters need a quick and easy way to design and validate forms that handle customer data quickly and securely.

The old way of handling dates is, well, dated

Multiple <SELECT> elements are cumbersome to use and maintain:

<INPUT> elements are time-consuming for the user and a nightmare for the developer to validate:

Epoch is the Answer.

Fast, easy to use, and easy to configure, Epoch allows the web developer to quickly upgrade their users' web experience without spending hours developing complex date-validation scripts. Constructed using Javascript – the Web's most widely-supported scripting language, and CSS – the universally supported rich styling system, Epoch is a powerful facet of any advanced website.

Epoch is fully W3C standards compliant and runs flawlessly on all major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla, FireFox, Netscape Navigator®, Opera, and more.

Epoch brings your site Forward

With Epoch, the calendar appears when the user enters the box, disappearing once a date is chosen

The Epoch Javascript Calendar Features:

  • Fast loading and initialization
  • Intuitive, customizable interface
  • Compatible with all Modern Browsers – see compatibility chart below.
  • Can display as a Flat or Popup (DatePicker) calendar
  • Automatic Date Formatting – US, European, or create your own!
  • Multiple-Date selection – by clicking on calendar cells or the day & week headings.

For a LIVE demo of Epoch, click here.

Benefits of the Epoch Javascript Calendar:

Your Website's Users

Your users will benefit from the fast, intuitive layout of the calendar. Because their input is guided by the calendar, they will experience less frustration with standard date field problems like dealing with multiple <SELECT> elements or regional date formats.

Your Developers

Easy Configuration
Epoch is designed for maximum flexibility in configuration – no programming necessary. Installation of Epoch requires no programming skills, and there's no complicated configuration to slog through.
Easy Customization
Epoch's simplicity belies its incredible power. Your website's developers can easily customize Epoch's look using CSS; the most powerful method for styling websites available.
Easy Extensibility
Epoch is built on a powerful Object-Oriented engine, with extensively-commented code and intuitive object hierarchy.

Your Bottom Line

The powerful design, easy configuration, high extensibility, and low TCO of Epoch makes it the ideal choice for your website. Any questions? Check out our contact page and send us an email – we look forward to hearing from you!

How to Get It

Epoch is licensed under the Creative Commons GNU LGPL and is free for all users. Download it here.

Epoch's Browser Compatibility

Below is a list of browsers and their compatiblity with Epoch.


CC-GNU LGPLThis software is licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL.