Epoch Prime—A Powerful New AJAX JavaScript Calendar

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Finally, a Professional-Grade Calendar Control

MeanFreePath is proud to introduce the world’s best enterprise-grade AJAX JavaScript calendar – Epoch Prime. Designed for the most demanding developers, Epoch Prime features a vast array of capabilities, including AJAX capability, blazing fast speed, low memory footprint, elegant integration, and more. Fully-encapsulated design, with public and private member properties and methods, Epoch Prime is truly a developer’s dream to work with.

Exciting New Features

Epoch Prime offers the widest array of features available – all come standard.

  • Easy Setup & Integration – only 2 files!
  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • Multiple date selection
  • Popup/Datepicker or Flat mode
  • Rapid integration
  • Full Feature List...

AJAX and XML Support & Configuration

Epoch Prime AJAX JavaScript Calendar supports AJAX and XML date data import and exportSeveral functions have been created to make Epoch Prime compatible with AJAX applications and frameworks. Epoch Prime doesn't introduce any proprietary methods to deal with AJAX queries, instead working seamlessly with your existing AJAX framework to make integration a snap.


  • Calendar initialization with XML
  • Run-time updating of dates and configuration via the importXML() method
  • Save calendar state to XML at any time via the exportXML() method
  • Automatically-encoded AJAX query string generation via the outputAjaxQueryString() method
  • No proprietary XMLHttpRequest or AJAX framework code to learn!

See a LIVE Demo of this feature

Submit Multiple Dates via Standard HTML Forms

Epoch Prime AJAX JavaScript Calendar multi-select version submits its dates via an HTML formEpoch Prime has also been upgraded to allow standard form submission of multiple dates in flat mode – especially useful if the user’s browser doesn’t properly support AJAX.

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Special Dates & Events

Epoch Prime AJAX JavaScript Calendar supports special dates and HTML in calendar cellsEpoch Prime adds support for different date types, including unselectable dates and holidays. Users of Epoch Prime can import this data in one step using XML.

See a LIVE Demo of this feature


Epoch Prime also offers a fast and seamless popup/datepicker calendar version, with an extra method to integrate it with dynamically-generated <input> boxes via DHTML/AJAX.

See a LIVE Demo of this feature

Developer-Oriented Upgrades

In addition to the extra features, Epoch Prime has been virtually rewritten to reduce unnecessary code and improve readability. All code is now encapsulated within the calendar, reducing the potential for bugs and allowing quicker development. The end result increased speed, better performance, and easier customization.

Fast Deployment

MeanFreePath built Epoch Prime with the developer in mind. Developers can install Epoch Prime in minutes – only 2 files are needed to get Epoch Prime up and running. Our detailed Epoch Prime Documentation makes utilizing advanced features and customization clear and easy.

Full Object Encapsulation

Epoch Prime utilizes one of the lesser-known capabilities of JavaScript to provide the developer with code encapsulation; in short, public and private properties/methods. You only have access to what you need, avoiding confusion and potential bugs.

Speed Upgrades

Epoch Prime is a near-complete rewrite of the Epoch JavaScript Calendar; with multiple speed upgrades, making Epoch Prime one of the fastest fully-featured JavaScript calendars in existence.

Optimized Code

Cleaner and even easier to work with!

Advanced Developer Tools

Registered Epoch Prime users can access our powerful customization tools, including the Epoch Prime XML Configurator – makes configuring Epoch Prime a snap!

Detailed Documentation

Let’s face it; you don’t want to settle for standard. That’s why we never release a version of Epoch Prime before it is properly documented. No unnecessary head-banging on the wall—you do too much of that working out browser quirks.


  • Easy to use HowTo Guides on the most commonly-encountered issues
  • Every function documented with argument types, description
  • Links to the associated documentation throughout the code

You can find the full Epoch Prime documentation at the Epoch Prime Support Page.