Powerful AJAX JavaScript Calendars

The Epoch JavaScript calendar is the easiest JavaScript calendar to integrate into your site. It comes in two versions:

Epoch – JavaScript Calendar

Epoch calendar screenshotEpoch is one of the most popular JavaScript calendars in existence; with over 90,000 downloads in 16 major world languages since its April 2006 release date. Built around modern internet coding standards, Epoch is richly featured, with popup/datepicker capabilities, multiselect date mode, and many other core properties.

Epoch is highly scalable and ready for use on high-traffic sites – only a 30Kb download (as low as 7kb with gzip and minification). Its extremely fast initialization and responsivenes makes it a key component in improving your website users’ experience. See a live demo of Epoch’s capabilities, or go to the download page.

Epoch Prime – AJAX Calendar

Epoch Prime is a fully-featured AJAX calendar intended for use with dynamic browser-based applications. Based on the Epoch codebase, it looks and behaves similarly to the end-user — however it adds several powerful AJAX capabilities.

Additional features include:

  • Configuration & Initialization via XML – either on page load or via AJAX
  • Add/Remove/Block dates via AJAX, in response to user actions or application state changes
  • Quickly dump all data in calendar to an XML string – useful for saving application state

Check out the Live Demos of Epoch Prime’s features, and download it here!